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1ASK Annual Campaign



To our valued congregants and friends,

As we rapidly approach the high holiday season of 5782 (2021), we want to Re-CONNECT.

The year of 5782 at CBT will be about re-connecting- spiritually, socially and intellectually. We will be fostering our community of growth and diversity.

To do this, we will need your help. Last year, we successfully launched our 1ASK – Annual Campaign. With your support, we were able to cover our operational fundraising needs for the entire calendar year of 2021. This allowed us to keep our promise of a 1ASK.

We plan for the 1ASK to be an Annual Campaign that kicks off every Rosh Hashana that will run through the calendar year end. The goal of the campaign is to supplement our dues (as our dues cover about 40% of operations) and fulfill our budget needs for the following calendar year, 2022. This is not intended to replace milestone giving, but it does replace our Kol Nidre appeal, a grand fundraising event and any other small asks throughout the year for operations.

As a reminder, we have tried to build in varying support levels and benefits to foster a spirit of giving. We ask for your engagement at any level and we hope to achieve 100% community participation. [Pledges and timing of payments are available and can be catered to your specific needs]

In the coming weeks, more info will be shared about how you can join the 1ASK Campaign and our goals for 5782. In our ever changing and evolving society, the Synagogue, the Shul, continues to be fundamental to our lives and the future.


Fri, August 19 2022 22 Av 5782