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Mei Shifra Women's Mikvah

Our stunning freestanding mikvah facility features a welcoming Lounge Area, complete with leather sectional seating, a fireplace, and library shelving. A large vestibule leads to two unique, spacious Dressing Rooms, a half bathroom, and - through copper paneled doors - the Immersion Room.  One wall of the vestibule exhibits an art project enhanced and curated by Israeli-based artist Andi Arnovitz, containing images created by the women of our community. 

The Immersion Room highlight is a curved stone wall with a glass tile mosaic of a river flowing out of Gan Eden by local artist Miriam Karp. Dressing Rooms have gracious showers with hand-held and rain shower options, large jacuzzi tubs, and vessel sinks resting on granite counters. 

Each Dressing Room has its own entry door into the Immersion Room. There is a private back hallway and exit, so users will maintain privacy after immersing. Before leaving the building they have the opportunity to wash at a copper pedestal sink, reminiscent of the copper mirrors women donated to Bezalel for construction of the Mishkan.

All appointments for the mikvah are now booked online. 

Book your appointment online now!

You will be required to create a profile the first time you visit the site.  All appointments must be pre-paid at the time you make an appointment.


If you have never been to Mei Shifra before or if the ritual of mikvah is new to you, please don’t hesitate to call or email us directly to get a better idea of what a visit to Mei Shifra entails.

Questions? Contact us via email or at 404-484-2385

Book your appointment online now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I make an appointment at the Mikvah?

A: All appointments for the Mikvah are now made online.  All appointments in the Mei Shifra Women's Mikvah require pre-payment during the booking process.  We appreciate your support of our new state-of-the-art facility.  


Q: How much does the Mikvah cost?

A: There are two options available when you book an appointment:

  • Prepare on-site $36
  • Prepare off-site/Mikvah only $25
  • Kallah celebration $80 (day-time appointments only)

Q: Can I purchase an annual membership to the Mikvah?

A: Yes, a membership is available for $360.  The membership includes one monthly appointment for 1 year. To purchase a membership, create a profile and email about a membership.  We have to process this on the backend for you.

Q: How do I create a profile?

A: To make a profile visit our online reservation portal.  You will need to input your name, phone and email address.  You will also create a personal password and add a credit card for your file.  Please reference our Help Guide if you want additional guidance.

You will use your email address to login after your profile is created. 

Q: What user ID do I use to log into my account?

A: Your email address is your user ID when you log into the site.

Q: Can I make an appointment in any other way other than online?

A: If you have any issues booking an appointment online please contact us at 404-484-2385.  You must have a profile created before any appointment can be scheduled.

Q: How far in advance can I book an appointment?

A: You can book an appointment 9 days in advance the current date.

Q: How can I book a same day appointment?

A: Please contact us at 404-484-2385 to check on the availability for a same day appointment.  There is a $10 fee for appointments booked 24 hours or less to the appointment time.

Q: What do I do if I need to cancel an appointment?

A: There is a $2 non-refundable fee for your appointment.  We recommend you change the date of your appointment to the following month rather than canceling an appointment.  If you need help changing your appointment, please contact us via email or at 404-484-2385.

Q: How do I know who the attendant is for a specific evening?

A: Contact us at 404-484-2385 for this information. 

Q: How many women can be at the Mikvah at one time?

A: We have two preparation rooms in our Mei Shifra Women's Mikvah.  So two women can be in the building at one time preparing.  

Q: What is included in a Kallah Celebration?

A: Contact us at 404-484-2385 for more information about our Kallah Celebrations.  We look forward to celebrating your milestone.

Q: Can I use the Mei Shifra Mikvah if I haven't ever used a Mikvah before now?

A: For all first time Mikvah users, please contact us via email or at 404-484-2385.


If your question isn't answered here, please contact us via email or at 404-484-2385.

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