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Security Exit Door Campaign

We at Congregation Beth Tefillah have been analyzing what should be done from a security perspective, both preventative and, G-d forbid, in the terrible event an attack were to occur. Our CBT Security Committee continues to implement more pro-active steps to keep us all safe.

Our main shul has been identified as an escape risk in the event of an attack due to the lack of exit doors on the men’s side. We have access to the exterior building from the Women’s side of the sanctuary, however there is no exterior access on the Men’s side. The CBT leadership and Security Committee have approved the building of a double exit door on the men's side which will lead to a concrete staircase out of the building and to the playground.

This project requires funding beyond our existing security budget. The initial planning stage of the project has already commenced through a seed donation. We need your support to have a facility which provides the safest possible environment for us, our families and our fellow congregants. Saving Jewish life is a priority for us all and this project is a key need to protect loss of life in the event, G-d forbid, CBT were to be attacked. This is a reality we never wish to face but we need to be prepared for it.

The cost of construction budget is $26,000 in totality. We are requesting minimum donations of $500 and look forward to being able to count on a commitment from you. We are targeting closing donation pledges by the end of June as a priority security need for CBT. We hope that you will support our community and value the need to ensure our place of gathering and worship is safe to allow us all to pray in peace.

Sun, May 24 2020 1 Sivan 5780