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Study Groups at Congregation Beth Tefillah

Daf Yomi

Traverse the entire Talmud, page by page, joining the global seven-year cycle.

Instructor: Rabbi Yossi New

Time:    Sunday – 8:15am 

Monday – Friday: 7:30am

Shabbat – 8:30am



Travel through the books of Prophets and Writings.  Gain historical insight into their lives and times, while decoding the timeless depth and wisdom of their words.  Its always a great time to join!

Instructor: Rabbi Avremi Slavaticki

Time: Monday - 7:30pm


Beit Midrash Night/Study Hall 8:30pm.

Tuesday night is a night of open community learning with one on one “Chavruta” style study.









Lunch and Learn and Parsha Class

Nuture your body and soul.  Have a tasty lunch accompanied by a talk about the weekly Torah portion.

Instructor: Rabbi Yossi New

Time:    Thursday – 12:00pm 


Davening 101

An educational and thought-provoking Shabbat morning discussion group

Instructor: Rabbi Isser New

Time: Shabbat - 10:00am


Torah on One Foot

A short Halachik or historical topic to begin your week on the right foot!

Instructor: Avremi Slavaticki

Time: Shabbat - 12:30pm


Tanya Class

Discover the spiritual anatomy of your G-dly soul and what makes it tick, as we study the foundational text of Chabad philosophy. 

Instructor: Rabbi Isser New

Time: Shabbat - 45 minutes before Mincha


"Avot Ubanim"

Father & Son Learning in the winter months.

What a fantastic way to start off your week!

Engaged learning, Prizes & Pizza!



Tue, May 21 2019 16 Iyyar 5779